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Established in 2015, TIMBERMEE is a design and creation practice located in Coburg, Victoria, Australia. Mihajlo Elakovic has trained as an architect in Venezuela and is passionate about design, giving great importance to sustainability in processes and materials used. 




TIMBERMEE creates unique, practical items repurposing timber, construction debris, broken furniture and other sub-products.


TIMBERMEE is based on an ethos of "ethical carpentry" whereby it pays fair wages and designs locally using recycled materials.


Do you provide International delivery?


Yes and some conditions might apply as every case is different.



How do I return an item?


As soon as you purchase a Timbermee product you have 45 days to register your product online. This will mean that you have 10 years of warranty on your purchase and you can contact us in case you believe your product needs to be replaced or repaired.



What is your returns policy?


Any product can be repaired or replaced by a similar item if they get broken due to normal conditions use. It's Timbermee's interest that our product becomes part of your family.

How do I track my order?


Tracking number will be provided immediately after purchase order has been placed.



How can I know where's the timber from?


Each Timbermee product generates a product code to identify them and keep on record of their lifespan. There origin certificates would allow the owners to know the exact story about the products.



Does Timbermee buy used furniture?


Used timber furniture is always welcomed as it is a great source for future project. Timbermee doesn't buy used furniture but is always happy to collect it if you want to donate it.


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