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Tailored to perfectly adjust to the context (narrow hallway, rug that needs to be removed periodically, prominent skirting board, etc.) this storage solution came to be an elegant display for jackets, hats, shoes and scarfs next to the entry door in a lovely home in Footscray. The timber came from a very robust decking area that was renovated at a popular pub in Brunswick. The blackbutt shows the marks of its previous history. Proudly repurposed, the clients were very interested in adding something that was as sustainable as carefully designed/crafted. So far one of my dearest pieces of furniture ever created!

Entrance-hallway storage

  • The piece was finished using natural tung oil. The matte and natural appearance requires re-oiling every so often to maintain the vibrant colours of the timber. As it is indoors it needs to be oiled every second year. Light sanding before oiling is recommended but not mandatory.

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